Nutrition & Lifeskills

We’re providing nutritious and delicious mid-day meals to all our Panchi children at Ghazipur and Kalyanpuri. With the help of trained experts, we’re also providing life-skills and counseling (for substance abuse) thereby adopting a holistic approach to the growth of the children.

Special Needs

After running its own center for children with special needs for almost 12 years providing more than 100,000 hours of sessions, Shakti Foundation is currently partnering with The Neuroaid & Research Foundation (NRF) to assist in the rehabilitation of people who are affected by a neuro disability but do not have access or means to proper long-term rehabilitation.
Assessment and occupational therapy is also being provided to children with special needs from urban slums, and we are thankful to Children First for their support.

Digital skills enhancement

A collaborative mentorship program designed by our partner, Tribes For Good aims to bridge diverse communities for mutual learning and skill development.The initiative prioritizes skill enhancement in the form of public speaking, communication skills, utilizing various digital toolkits, workshops on exploring various career options, digital literacy and vocational knowledge.


Volunteering Students of Enactus (Shyam Lal College) helped with the collection of newspapers and staffing stalls at events during festive sales. Students from Christ University, conducted impactful sessions with our Panchi children focusing on progressive muscle relaxation, mindfulness, exam stress management, and classroom etiquette.

Community Surveys

Through our foray into community surveys, research, and advisory services, we aim to gather valuable insights and provide comprehensive solutions for the betterment of society. Under the WASH Delhi initiative, Shakti Foundation successfully completed a challenging assignment in collaboration with the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the India Water Foundation. Our team conducted a thorough survey of 50 urban slums in Delhi, focusing on crucial aspects such as water access, sanitation facilities, and waste management. Based on our findings, we identified key interventions, including the implementation of community toilets, waste collection and segregation systems, and sustainable drinking water solutions. These interventions are now being executed through various agencies, ensuring a positive impact on the lives of slum dwellers.


Shakti Foundation accomplished a significant project, Utthan, in partnership with UNDP India, sponsored by Hindustan Unilever. This initiative aimed to identify and support safai sathis working in Delhi's informal waste sector. We successfully opened Jan Dhan bank accounts for them and connected them to essential social protection schemes. The insights derived from this data provided valuable information on the challenges faced by safai sathis, ultimately presented in a comprehensive closure report to UNDP.

Crisis response

Though disaster response is not a focus area, Shakti Foundation has stepped forward when the need arose to provide relief in the areas affected by natural as well as manmade disasters throughout India.

COVID-19 Relief: First Wave, March-May 2020:
As the pandemic began to unfold in March 2020, Shakti Foundation was confronted with the spectre of hungry, job-less migrant labourers and waste-pickers who had lost their means of livelihood, almost overnight. Shakti decided, that at this crucial period, they would not limit ourselves to only our staff, workers and their families, but would attempt to reach a larger swathe of population-extending even beyond the 500 families residing in Ghazipur Dairy Farm. With help from donors and partners, Shakti raised more than Rs. 30 lakhs and was able to provide food rations to more than 6000 families residing in Ghazipur Dairy Farms, Masudpur and other areas of Delhi.

Amphan Cyclone Relief, May 2020:
Super Cyclonic Storm Amphan was a powerful and catastrophic tropical cyclone that caused widespread damage in Eastern India, specifically West Bengal, Odisha and in Bangladesh in May 2020. Through the efforts of local volunteers, dry rations and essential supplies were distributed over 240 vulnerable families affected by the Amphan Cyclone.

Covid-19, Second Wave, April-June 2021:
In the ten weeks that we ran this campaign, we raised Rs. 1.34 cr, deployed more than 300 cylinders, 400 concentrators and 1400 Asha kits along with oximeters, thermometers, masks and gloves. More than the money raised, it was the number of lives we managed to touch,and hopefully, save.

Digital Literacy

Along with Digital Empowerment Foundation, Shakti Foundation started adigital literacy drive in the urban slums to digitally empower women and girls from the slums. Our aim is to make these young women capable of running their own online enterprises and to provide access to digital tools for underprivileged children. We provide an environment to girls and women where they can learn to use information and communication technologies gain the skills to establish themselves in the digital marketplace. We provide these young women with computers, tablets, projectors and UPS systems so that they can gain on-hand experience on these technologies. As a result of our intervention women in our centres have functional knowledge of MS Office, and havesome form of financial literacy.